OnBoard Software Overview

A board of directors is appointed to lead a company into the future. To accomplish that, they need to connect during board meetings to discuss business and company strategies. As you know, those meetings are extremely important, so to simplify them, OnBoard created its board portal.

OnBoard helps company boards stick to their mission. How do they do that? By providing a service that helps improve company efficiency, simplifies processes, and is designed in an accessible way. With a range of features, the OnBoard board portal provides a service to satisfy your board meeting needs.

What does OnBoard do best?

OnBoard created the software solution for board members to keep a better grip on what is important. They cater their services to benefit the C-level employee.

The OnBoard board portal simplifies the decision-making process, and through the vast array of analytical tools, it can easily track progress.

Pros and cons of the OnBoard board portal

Here are some of the pros and cons the users reported.


  • Ease of upload and changes made last minute. Even if someone forgets about an important file before the meeting, they can easily upload it into the board portal before the meeting starts.
  • All-round support. A great support team behind the company and an excellent Helpdesk make the service even more accessible.
  • Simplicity. It is easy to overcomplicate solutions. OnBoard was aware of that, so they created the simplest, most effective solution. 
  • Reliable access and multiple permission settings. Revoking and allowing someone the right to view a document is an easy and accessible way to make sure that there are no breaches in confidentiality.
  • Possibility of saving resources for offline use. A lack of internet is not common nowadays, but unforeseeable circumstances do occur. This is why offline access to documents is so important.


  • Printing documents can be troublesome. Users report difficulty in managing printing options in their board portal. 
  • The Zoom integration is lackluster. When board members join the meeting, they lose some of Zoom’s functionality. This could be better integrated into the board portal.
  • While uploading some documents, the board meeting book reorganizes itself. This results in additional waiting time. 
  • There is a lack of e-mail communication. There is an included texting/messaging service, but nothing compares to built-in e-mail correspondence.
  • No expense management is available to users.


OnBoard provides solutions that help board members run the business. With simplicity in mind and a clear set mission to support the vision of others, this software provider creates a product that can be admired by many. Take advantage of the free trial to see for yourself.