iDeals Board Portal Overview

What does the iDeals board portal do?

The iDeals board portal is a tool to save time and increase efficiency. 

It saves time by bringing all the documents you would have dealt with in hard copy into a single shared virtual location. In the iDeals boardroom, high volumes of information can be accessed anytime from all mobile devices with the use of dedicated apps for iOS, Windows, and Android.

It increases efficiency by opening secure communication channels between collaborators in a single space. The users’ location doesn’t matter, they are all working from the same updated page.

Military-grade document and infrastructure security ensure the integrity of the iDeals boardroom. Role-based permissions ensure people see only what they’re supposed to, and SOX-compliance reduces the risk of data security violations.

What the iDeals board portal does best

The iDeals board portal optimizes the time before, during, and after meetings.


You have the ability to schedule meetings, check the availability of your colleagues, update information immediately, upload files into the cloud, define who can access these files, and set permissions. You can also manage the agenda and calendar, annotate and share your thoughts, or search past meetings. 

  • Calendar management and event notifications are top-notch, and role-based access permissions for separate documents and folders ensure proper security.


An iDeals board portal allows you to create action items and vote, sign paperwork, manage deadlines, annotate, and chat privately in real-time. 

  • The voting and approval process management provided is the best in this line of products.


You can set reminders and notifications for tasks, vote, and respond to inquiries from colleagues, as well as track everything to ensure governance compliance.

What the iDeals board software gets right…and wrong


User reviews identify the following strengths of the iDeals software solution.


256-bit encryption and two-step authentication are key components of the platform’s robust security features. Some other features include data centers that are SOC2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified with a strict access policy and surveillance, dynamic watermarks, and audit logs.

User-friendliness and intuitiveness

No prior knowledge of programming is required to dive into the platform, and a day is sufficient for a user to become fully acquainted.


According to users, pricing is competitive and favorable for middle to large-scale enterprises.

Customer service

24/7 customer support for clients via phone, email, or live chat, with supplementary training materials also available.

Flexibility and integration

Use iDeals on a desktop or mobile device and integrate with certain existing platforms.


No solution is perfect — especially if it’s a piece of software. One of the iDeals’ reported weaknesses often involves billing issues.


Communication with the billing department seems to be a common theme among user reviews. Indeed, it is the only topic repeatedly mentioned besides: “I have nothing to complain about: iDeals has been pretty ideal”

If that’s your biggest complaint, you’re doing pretty well. 

Bravo, iDeals.