Diligent Boards Overview

Diligent, also known as Diligent Boards, is a top-rated board portal software. This is a secure and easy-to-use environment for corporate admins and directors to access meeting materials, discuss business questions, and execute their managerial responsibilities. 

Diligent Boards replaces the outdated regime of paper and printing by combining the latest cloud technology and software. Today, more than 19,000 organizations in over 90 countries rely on the Diligent board portal to streamline their documents and simplify the meeting process.

What does Diligent do best?

Diligent Boards is a perfect assistant for board members and executives at companies looking to adopt digital collaboration technology.

With the help of the Diligent board portal, you can manage calendars, minutes, and documents. Users are allowed to access controls and permissions, create polls, check member directories, and manipulate electronic signatures. 

Before a conference starts, an administrator can organize and update all the necessary information, upload minutes, distribute reports to the board, invite directors, and publish the board book. Diligent makes all these processes faster and easier. 

As decisions are made during the meeting, directors can vote for them, sign documents, assign tasks, and set deadlines. 

After the gathering, board members may get reminders and notifications for additional tasks. To ensure governance compliance, every action, report, and upload is tracked by the software.

Pros of Diligent

  • Diligent is extremely easy to use both on the administrator and user sides. 
  • Purchasing and employing the software is smooth and quick. 
  • The design of the program is so intuitive that no training is required.
  • Thanks to stringent security measures, your documents are stored in a safe place that can be accessed by authorized users only. 
  • Their customer service team is responsive. Managers are well-trained and available 24/7.
  • Diligent features make it a big time-saver, allowing you to instantly drag and drop documents, hyperlink them to the table of contents, and quickly hide or view archived board books. 

Cons of Diligent

  • The Diligent pricing structure may be cost-prohibitive for some users.
  • Rotating documents is not possible—documents need to be scanned in a portrait format.
  • There is no Undo feature, so you can lose data if you’ve accidentally pressed ‘delete’.
  • Administrators are not allowed to edit or complete a poll on behalf of a director.
  • Uploading documents may be slow if there are many appendices.