BoardMaps Board Portal Overview


About BoardMaps

BoardMaps is a board meeting management software, which helps to structure meetings and other board processes. It makes meeting preparation quicker and more efficient, improving the execution experience as well.

The software is a cloud-based solution for corporations, agencies, and organizations, which allows them to efficiently manage all processes related to meetings, such as creating agendas, discussions, etc. The action items can be assigned to different team members for better accountability.

What does BoardMaps do best?

BoardMaps is best for planning meetings and management features. These include video integration with Skype for Business and different collaboration tools, document management tools, etc.

With the BoardMaps software, you can:

  1. Organize important meetings within a few minutes
  2. Create an agenda, so all meeting key points are saved in one place
  3. Update case agendas when goals change, and there is a need to shift the focus to other topics
  4. Share and organize files, which also serve as supporting meeting materials
  5. Create and manage meeting invitations
  6. Vote or run meeting polls
  7. Send reminders and receive stats on progress
  8. Track the decision-making process during the meeting in real-time and create follow-up actions

With BoardMaps software, you are able to completely manage the meetings during each stage: before, during, and after the meeting. This allows you to engage better within a team and get more done quicker.

It’s an efficient tool for managers to bring up issues to the team — so they can be resolved sooner. The tool allows them to document and track everything during the meeting to make sure all ideas and solutions are captioned and taken into consideration to achieve desired outcomes.

The pros and cons of BoardMaps

With the BoardMaps software, companies realize more opportunities to successfully manage important board meetings. The pros and cons of using the BoardMaps include:


  • Great onboarding experience for each member of the team
  • Efficient board communication
  • A strict agenda to stick to makes the decision-making process quicker and easier.
  • Great time efficiency, as you can use the templates to generate meeting minutes. The team members have access to the information about previous meetings, so they can always come back to that and find the needed insights anytime.
  • A great solution for board members, who travel often. A meeting can be executed with only several members joining online.
  • Voting features and action items, which help to track progress and ensure that each meeting was held successfully, and helped the team to make progress.


  • Limited choice of platforms for video integration (only Skype for Business)
  • Permission settings are a bit complicated.