BoardEffect Board Portal Overview

About BoardEffect

Board meetings bring company leaders together to examine and address current and past performance or problems and to set goals for the future. As businesses are complex entities, large volumes of documentation may be needed during those meetings. Service providers like BoardEffect aim to make the process more secure and efficient. 

BoardEffect is a board room management software provider focused on the cyclicality of board meetings. It is a platform ingrained with tools that help board members schedule meetings.

The creators of BoardEffect best cater their services to organizations such as non-profits, the healthcare industry, higher education, and credit unions. They want to help those organizations flourish. That is why BoardEffect equips its board management solutions with tools that help with many aspects of a board meeting. 

What Does BoardEffect Do Best?

The board management software from BoardEffect is best for companies that are aware of their company’s business cycles and want to optimize workflow around that movement. The three cycles presented by the service provider give you an excellent outline for scheduling any board meeting.

  • The main meeting cycle interface is equipped with tools that help with approvals and current tasks, maintain archives of all previous meetings and help govern future board meetings. 
  • The second is the annual cycle. This part of the board portal is connected to audits, compliance, surveys and evaluations, and policy handbooks. Those board meetings are especially important, hence the additional tools at your disposal. 
  • The last is the development cycle. This is a future-proof feature that enables your company and board to look forward and plan for the next couple of years. It deals with recruitment, collaboration tools, and board orientation. 

After BoardEffect login, you can be sure that your board meetings will be more focused. This software solution is useful for anyone who wants to keep board meetings organized and scheduled according to the company’s cycle.

Pros and Cons of BoardEffect 

The following points are what users reported liking and disliking about the BoardEffect board portal.


  • Board meeting books are easily created and can give other board members additional insight into the meeting.
  • Passing information to other board members is a smooth process.
  • Preparation of other board members can be done from within the software solution.
  • The board meeting book is “easy to organize and distribute.”
  • Their helpdesk is helpful and responsive.


  • The interface is not intuitive, as users have reported difficulty in locating items.
  • The app version of the software has no log-out option. 
  • Agendas are formatted according to files uploaded, which makes them larger than optimally-sized files.
  • Email sent from within the board portal lacks formatting options.
  • The board meeting agenda cannot be customized.


Board meetings are cyclical events, so why wouldn’t we like to optimize them? 

This is where the main feature of the BoardEffect board portal lies. To find out more about this board portal solution, visit the BoardEffect site and check out its free demo.