Boardable Board Portal Overview

About Boardable

Board room management software is used by many companies to simplify their board meetings. Those kinds of solutions, apart from being a great managerial help, specialize in different aspects. So let’s find out what Boardable specializes in.

Boardable’s mission statement explains and defines what they want to do, how they want to change the world, or how they want to help someone move forward. The creators of the Boardable software were aware of that, so they created a solution that aligned with the company’s mission. 

Boardable helps in-person, online, or hybrid board meetings achieve their goals. With a wide range of features, Boardable is a service provider that focuses on communication between the board members to help them to fulfill their mission. 

What does Boardable do best?

As mentioned earlier, Boardable best serves companies that have a strong mission. They cater their services to businesses that strive to make the world a better place. The Boardable team knows that to do that, they need to offer the best communication features.

Discussions between board members can take place during or in-between board meetings. This board management service helps with both of those use cases, as Zoom implementation simplifies the workflow of the board committee. 

Even during conversations, you are able to see everything you need from inside the boardroom software. There is no need to switch between tabs, as their solution is able to show you all the files you need alongside the camera feed from other board members.

Pros and cons of Boardable 

The following points are what users like and dislike about the Boardable board room management software.


  • Variety of features simplify the workflow of a board (polls)
  • A shared calendar and address list, which helps with organizing meetings
  • Connection with developers, as the creators of the software listen to their users and provide new ways to address problems
  • A variety of resources available online that show how to do something from within the business solution program
  • Cost-efficient pricing plan


  • Limits the number of users 
  • Limits the number of invites; you may have no option to call in 
  • No drag-n-drop option
  • Lack of MS Office integration 
  • Software may be difficult to learn and use efficiently at first 


Boardable doubled down on creating a board management software with the company’s mission in mind. With a special focus on communication, they were able to create a service that helps get companies to where they want to be. 

Find out how they operate for yourself, as Boardable provides a free trial period for its board management product.