Aprio Board Portal Overview

Board meetings are events where ideas are confirmed, a company’s future plans are established, and business problems are addressed. This is why software providers came up with a solution that can make those meetings easier to manage and conclude. Aprio is one of those service providers.

About Aprio board portal

Aprio’s software solution deals with everything from the preparation of a board meeting to meeting engagement and creating a report after its conclusion. Aprio is a board meeting management software provider that creates a space where real-time collaboration can take place and where all of the board members have access to documents connected to a board meeting. 

Combined with 24/7 support from the service admins, the Aprio board portal gives you full control over your board meeting. 

What does Aprio do best?

Every board must occasionally assemble to establish the company’s current strategies or to help prevent problems from arising. 

Aprio’s board portal helps with everything that a board may need before, during, and after a meeting. 

  • Before. Before a meeting, documents need to be prepared. You can do that with ease inside of the board management software and distribute board packages to all of the board members. There won’t be a situation where a board member will be left out thanks to immediate access to important files on the go. 

    When someone uploads files, an email is sent out automatically to the interested parties. It would be difficult to miss a meeting with its integrated calendar feature, which has the capability to incorporate other calendars like Google Calendar or Outlook calendar. 
  • During. During the meeting itself, you have the ability to vote on topics you find interesting, leave comments expressing your opinions, and answer confidential surveys. This all takes place in a secure environment. In case someone doesn’t show up to a meeting, you can track attendance and absences from within the solution. 
  • After. Once the meeting is over, the software provides you with all the information you need for board meeting minutes. With a large number of parameters that the Aprio board portal tracks, creating such a report is an easy process.

Pros and cons of Aprio 

As with every service, Aprio’s board portal also has its pros and cons. Here are a few of them.


  • A grouping feature that helps in the organization of permission settings 
  • Swift and easy document upload process
  • No training required for new users of the solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Outstanding technical support
  • The whole meeting, and everything surrounding it, can be accomplished from within the board management software.


  • Referencing data and sending emails might be troublesome.
  • The app and the dashboard inside of the browser differ significantly.
  • There are some syncing issues with documents.
  • When an upload of documents is canceled midway through, it does not even upload a part of the documents.
  • Each item in the space needs to be moved manually, with no drag-n-drop feature inside of the board management software.


The Aprio board management software is a great solution for any business that wants to ensure control over every part of a board meeting. With calendar integration, you will never miss another meeting, and through a variety of security features, you can be sure that sensitive information will be protected. We encourage you to check out for yourself what Aprio has in store for you.